Believe in the Magic in your Heart!

A week or so ago, my Divine team (spirit)  dared me to play. The invite was to begin each day with play time rather than make my way to the computer and get on with my work day. Will I dare to accept the assignment? The reason, to help me get out of my head and to let my heart lead the way in all matters including my business. No easy task in a world, that strives on performance, goals and results. Spirit is attempting to teach me fully step into my feminine power when engaging in my business. I am being inspired to move away from go, achieve and do. Though these are really important and at time essential, what is missing in our world today is a balanced approach where we invite more of the feminine qualities into our lives: intuition, creativity, collaboration, Spirit,  love etc.  We are being invited to lead our lives from our heart centres and not our heads! No small task in this crazy and fast moving world of ours!

I did accept the invite to play for two weeks! Some days are so much easier than others. I am realizing more and more each day, how much my mind likes to believe it’s in charge! Last week, while in Orlando, Florida, I was guided to spend the day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, all by myself! Really! I have been there with my hubby and daughters many years before but never alone! I said to myself, why not! What a perfect place to play with my inner child! Magic Kingdom is filled with magic every where you turn! I am so grateful to Walt Disney for having never given up on his dream and embracing and unleashing his creative genius! He believed that the magic was truly within each and every one of us!  We must simply Believe!

I spent the day going on various rides: teacup, dumbo, splash mountain, the haunted house, the merry go round, etc.   Though I was standing in line by myself, I never felt alone. I was simply relishing in the delights of the magic I was surrounded with including the laughter and cries of children of all ages! I witnessed big and small kids alike dressed up in some of their favourite costumes. Disney is truly a place where you are encouraged to play, and/or dress up no matter how old you are!

All day lost in the beauty and magic of it all, I felt so incredibly alive. The little girl within me truly excited and delighted that she got to play and to go on all the rides SHE wanted. She did not have to compromise at any point, for this day was truly about her and the magic that lies within her! As I watched the musical show with Mickey, Minney and many of the other famous Disney characters, I was reminded that it’s up to us to BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC THAT DWELLS IN OUR HEARTS!


I invite you to ponder the following:

  • When was the last time you connected with the magic within your heart? It’s never too late!
  • If you were given the assignment to begin your days with play (not exercise, to do lists etc), would you dare to accept the invite or would you choose to stick with your usual daily routine because that is safe?  if you declined the invite, do you know why? is there a story within you that keeps reminding you that play is for kids only
  • This week , I dare you to carve  out 1/2 day for pure play time- not exercising, not something that you feel you need to do - but pure frivolous play time where you get to laugh, giggle and connect with the inner child within. if you have hard time with this, take a look at children nearby….they play so freely with no agenda and no purpose in mind other than to just let go and simply be!

This week, will you dare to wake up to the feminine power that lies within you? 

Play is a key component of this awakening process!

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach