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Intentional Prayer

I felt drawn to go the studio this morning. It was a spontaneous invite I chose to honour. Within me was swirling different emotions and rather than let them get stuck on a spin cycle which I have been guilty of doing more times than I can remember. I chose to give a voice to what was stirring within with paint and oil pastels. One of my morning rituals is to sit with a cup of tea and then pull an oracle card from one of my decks. these days I am playing with the Mother Mary oracle deck by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Today the card said , Our Lady of Answered Prayers. As I dove in to read it messages, floating within me was resistance , dismay, disappointment and frustration. I also felt embarrassed that I was feeling this way towards a holy message that is meant to encourage and inspire me. Your prayers are being answered. Well the thing is what is the answer and how do I recognize it? I am still learning to decode this. I also believe prayers are answered in their way and most certainly not in the way I am seeking them to be answered for we are all playing a part in the unfolding of the divine.
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