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Out of Box-

hello my beautiful ones   today, I am feeling inspired to share with you how I am somewhat uncomfortable going out of my box…out of my comfort zone. hey, I believe we all have comfort zones. Many of us are creates of habit and do things in the same way , day in and day out. when someone dares us to think differently or to do something differently, we are not always open to the idea. we much prefer to stay with what we know versus what we don’t know. in december, I went to see Nicole Babin, a powerful
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Are you willing to be Brave to listen to your heart, to your spirit?

“All it takes is finding the bravery to be true to what’s in your heart and in your spirit.  It’s not always easy (that’s the brave part) but is wonderfully simple.”  Jamie Ridler I love this quote…it is simple yet incredibly powerful. Are you being true to your heart? To your Spirit?  Your spirit is your soul’s essence and it’s important to know her/him well and let him/her shine as brilliantly as she can. Your spirit lies deep within you…it is you…the very core of you… you let your Spirit shine through or do you put a mask on it…afraid
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