Your life masterpiece

Quote When we are really honest with ourselves, we must admit our lives are all that really belong to us.  So it is how we use our lives that determines the kind of men we are.  César Chavez A few weeks ago, when I was in the studio painting, what came to me in a moment of inspiration was the following: your life is a love letter to God!  I was struck with incredible ahhhness….and found the statement so powerful.   I to this day, I continue to ponder these beautiful  and powerful words….God for me is this universal energy of love available to each and every one of us…it’s in everything, it’s in you! So take a moment, to reflect on your life which is your masterpiece. Are you so busy running the treadmill of life that your life feels out of control and therefore have no clue what your masterpiece looks like? Or perhaps you keep searching for that proverbial life purpose rather than choosing to live your life on purpose. While you are searching, you are missing out on many precious moments?  Living your life on purpose means being present in your life, making choices that are in alignment with your values, your beliefs etc….it means coming from a place of love rather than simply wanting to be right or to get it right. For me, it means showing up authentically though others may not like what they see or hear. Will you have the courage to do so anyways, knowing that it may very well be rejected for one reason or another? Will you choose to inject fun in what you do or will you choose to postpone it because it’s simply not the right time? There is always tomorrow..yet tomorrow comes and the cycle of busyness starts all over again. Your life is like this big blank canvas before you….it is highly possible that there may be some stuff on the canvas that you have chosen to put there along the way…maybe it’s a brand new canvas and you are starting anew…you can choose .  The masterpiece, your life that is, is constantly unfolding one moment at a time. In each of those moments, you are choosing what is going on or what you are inserting in your masterpiece. Are you aware of the choices or are you asleep or somewhat asleep at the switch or perhaps you have given over your paintbrush to another to have them fill in some parts of your masterpiece because you are too tired, too scared to try because you are afraid of making a mistake. Is that in alignment with where you would like to go? With your paintbrush in your hands, you can consciously choose to create your life masterpiece. If you make a mistake, need not fear…it’s totally ok…totally normal….and honestly in some way , it’s totally expected that we do so as human beings…as Mae West states “ to err is human…it feels divine”. So go ahead, explore, make mistakes…scribble on the canvas if you so choose. It will simply add some colour, texture to your canvas of life! Enhance it in its own unique way. Make is more intricate, more beautiful in some ways. In a world that often tells us or reinforces that mistakes are not ok yet, if we are perfectly honest here,  we all make them, each and every one of us. Isn’t  awesome to know you can have them in your life masterpiece to enjoy. Remember, it is only one small, tiny piece of the picture…it’s not the whole picture. The whole picture is still unfolding before you. In closing, my question to you is will you fully engage to be the artist of your life masterpiece and choose to create accordingly what you desire or will you let someone else paint it for you? You get to choose!  What will you choose? Know that it’s totally ok to sometimes throw stuff at it….trust it is all part of the unfoldment of the journey. Do you need some help in creating your most beautiful masterpiece? As a consulting hypnotherapist & Intuitive Spiritual Coach, I help you navigate changes  in your life so that you may experience more love, peace, joy and contentment.


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach