Wake up ~ Play ~ Blossom

“We are never fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply  engrossed in anything than when we are at play.”  ~ Charles E Schaefer

I was inspired by the divine mystery to start my days differently. For you see, my normal routine is wake up, snuggle with my man for 10 to 15 min , have my breakfast, shower and then make my way to my home office.  The divine mystery speaking through the whispers of my heart was asking me if I would accept it’s invite to do things differently for the next 2 weeks. I was being asked to play first then work. Um….the idea intrigue me but my ego was on fire: what do you mean play first; what do you mean that I don’t have to tackle my to do list in the same usual way etc…On and on it went. Honestly, I don’t know about you but it can be really exhausting to listen to the never stopping chatter of the ego which I often call my itty bitty shitty committee. It does serve a purpose and I am happy to have one yet it most certainly has held me back in my life more than it has inspired me. Move over ego, my authentic self yearns to lead her life in her own unique way.  I accepted the invite to play first thing in the morning. Well, I said to myself:  it’s only two weeks. It can’t be that hard. Curiosity and wonder set in as I began the experiment a different way of going about my day. Just so you know, my ego has been trying so many different tactics to keep me from fully delving into the experience. For example, it’s trying to lure me to go and check out my emails first before heading into the studio. She is really seductive in her ways. I chose to honour my inner child first and told the ego, I would check the emails later. Day 1 After snuggling in bed with my man and having my breakfast, I was inspired to play in my art studio. I have a little quaint space in my basement where I can escape and play. Just so you know, I don’t often spend time in the studio as I have not given myself the permission to really play. Why,  because my mind convinces me on a good day that I have more important things to do like go to my upstairs office and work on and in my business, errands to run etc. For you see, when I do all these things, there is a sense of accomplishment, of importance most of the time. However, I have often forgotten to laugh, play and just be because my mind convinces me that there are more important things to do than play!  I would go as for to state that it’s a cultural phenomena…work, work,work and little play! I spent an hour dabbling in my paints and splattering them on my canvasses. Music playing in the background, I was lost in the moment of just having fun. Using a spray bottle filled with water and spraying the canvas, I watched the drips make their way down the canvas and onto the floor. I splattered more paint and giggled as I did so. It was  a fun and messy affair. I felt so light and free. The little girl within me was so happy being lost in the moment. She is adorable I must say. As I made my way up the stairs, I wondered how this may inspire my day. For one, I felt so incredibly good and alive within.  Throughout my day, creative ideas seem to flow much more easily. I felt more peaceful and serene. I was in such a fabulous mood and I am deeply curious as to the where this may lead, though I am choosing not to anticipate but to participate fully in this experience. I will let the Goddess lead the way! Life is really busy for most of us and it is so easy to get lost in the mundane of juggling daily tasks and routine.  Most of us do it automatically without much thought. I do strongly believe many adults have forgotten how to play and infuse pleasure into their every day lives. It’s time for you to wake up to your life! It’s time for you to play and be silly in your own unique way! It’s time for you to blossom ….to shine in your own unique way! Today, I dare you to play, laugh and be silly!    


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach