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Dancing in the body

A few weeks ago, I had a privated dance class with a beautiful teacher, Steffi Retzlaff! She teaches a few kinds of dance classes, one called Nia , the other called soul Motion. I approached her with regards to Soul Motion. It s a most amazing dance free of choreography! It has four components, intimate with self, communion with a partner, community and the infinite. WE had talked months before about this kind of dance and it most certainly peaked  my interest…why well, I wanted to dance with the divine in a new way and I have two left feet
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Dance like nobody’s watching

good morning to all…..I received this you tube video from my husband yesterday …it entertained me, and inspired me to share it with you ….she the beautiful woman in the video s is a goddess in my eyes.  Because,  she dared to do something most people wouldn’t dare doing…dancing her little heart out at the Los Angeles Airport…..
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