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The Quest of the Bohemian Enchantress

Released and unleashed from her genie bottle, the Bohemian Enchantress awakes and blossoms. She is so ready to dazzle the world with her potent magic. Thousands of years in the making, she is finally free to her wild potent self. She is over the moon excited to be on this quest as she dares to dive in deep exploring her inner world with paint, canvas, brushes, pens, poetry, dance and the written word. She is transformed by their potent magic and shares this powerful alchemical brew and fragrance with thousands and thousands of women worldwide. She finally claims her artist self in ways she had never dared to and that feels so incredibly liberating .
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One Love, One Heart

This week’s newsletter is inspired by Bob Marley’s song; One Love, One Heart which I heard for the very first time when I was in Jamaica recently. I do believe we are all connected and that we are all special and unique.  We are one heart, one love- all a big part of the human family. We are love. You are loved. Wherever you are, love finds you.  It can be felt in the touch of another, it can be heard and felt in music, it may be in the warmth of the sun kissing your face. It may be
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