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Today is Day 17 into my Intentional Creativity course with Shiloh Sophia MCCloud.  With each new day, I can feel the fire burning within me as I meet with friends to share about my journey and wondering how we may be able to collaborate to bring forth art as a healing tool in our community. I have a desire to be a a leader in my community. I dont want to just be a another dot on the map, I want to be a major destination on the map. All dreams begin with a seed, thus, I continue to plant them and nourish the seeds along the way as best as I can. I wonder where to begin? Where is the biggest need? How do I create a sustainable and economical business model where I can have loads of fun helping others while earning a great living? I do not have the answers just yet. I am choosing to sit down with the Blessed Mama and ask her for her guidance and direction as to the next step. I trust I will be shown the way. I choose to surrender to patience rather than let control get a strong hold of me. When I decide to let control lead the way, it often backfires or dwindles rather quickly. So , with new awareness, I choose to do it differently this time with the hope that the outcome is different than the other times. 
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