simply trusting

On the weekend, a few of my gel nails were damaged and I sought to reschedule my appointment with the spa company I regularly go to. Unfortunately, they were not able to accommodate my request on that day as they were fully booked. However, they did offer to book an appointment later in the week with a new esthetician as the wonderful lady that I usually see is away on vacation. Here is the awesome part. She was incredibly beautiful woman and I do mean soul wise. She loves what she does and she radiates this from her being. Her inner beauty was shining forth. so incredibly beautiful to witness! I truly do believe that we were meant to meet on this day for whatever greater purpose which has yet to be revealed. I so love how our awesome universe coordinates these wonderful synchronistic events in our lives. It continuously blows me away. This lovely woman had questions regarding how to select an intuitive/medium as she is seeking to connect with departed loved ones on the other side. She is so desiring to hear some wonderful messages from the other side which by the way shares our world.  I took some time and shared with some of my tips on how to go forth. I stressed to her that she first and foremost should follow her intuition and trust that she will be lead to the right person, time and place. I also suggested to her to reflect upon her reason for wanting to see an intuitive. Please remember that a medium can call upon your departed  loved ones to step forth, however, the medium cannot guarantee that any departed loved ones will show up for your session.  If someone guarantees this….please proceed with caution! As a an intuitive/ medium I never know which loved one or if a loved one will drop by to pay a visit during an intuitive reading nor do I know what message, if any, will be delivered. So before selecting a medium, do take some time to determine what your inspiration/motivation is. Also, may I suggest you go forth with an open mind and an open heart for you never know, including the medium, which loved one will drop in or what message they may have to share! If it is not the message you were hoping for, can you accept that you have receive the message that was intended for you n that moment! Trust that the message shared was meant for your greatest and highest good!  Don’t blame the medium if you did not receive the desired message. Select someone who works from a place of integrity,meaning you select a medium/an intuitive that takes their responsibility very seriously.  A reputable medium will share the messages coming forth from an open,loving and honest place and not create/make up a message just for the sake of appeasing you!  Trust your gut – Always. If it doesn’t feel right. Wait ! It’s not a race. Take your time and seek out someone whom you will resonate with and that you will feel comfortable with. Remember you always have the freedom to choose. the gift of free will is our beautiful divine inheritance.  No one and I mean no one has a right to interfere in any way with your choice to choose! Spirit is here to guide you….you get to make all the choices! How much fun is that! Up to you whether you choose to listen and follow the guidance!


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach