Power of prayer

Just a little over a week ago, I picked up this amazing book at Chapters called The Divine Law of Compensation by Marianne Williamson. It’s an amazing gem of a book filled with many helpful tools and strategies.  In reading the book , I was reminded of the power of prayer….in my own way  I have been praying in what I would say is a sloppy way so to speak…gratitude has been a big part of my spiritual practice for years now…and I would call that my prayer time. In reading Marianne Williamson’s new book I was reminded of the gift of prayer….always available to us as we are always connected to the energy of God, of spirit, of the universe. For me , God is not used as a religious term. for me God is an energy, the divine mystery in the universe always at work on our behalf. In this fabulous little book, she shares many prayers…..many truly resonated with me…so I thought to myself…what if I tried them? would anything change? would it strengthen my connection with my infinite self? would it strengthen my connection to spirit? I believe in some way they do….I thought why not experiment…..it seems these days that I am much in the mood of experimentation…trying all kinds of new tools and having some pretty amazing results…. so here is one of the prayers I used from the book…..I of course tweaked it just a little to make it my own…though a good part of it is true to what Marianne shared in her book: dearest God I surrender to you who I am , what I have, and what I do. May my life and talents be used in whatever way serves you best. I surrender to you my failures and any pain still in my heart. I surrender to you by successes and the hopes that they contain. May the light of your love shine deep within my heart and radiate through me to bless the world. And so it is!   I have been saying this prayer as well as a few others a few times a day..I have also been asking God to open my heart fully to receive all of the love that is out there…..I visualize my heart wide open…limitless, receiving love……truly powerful stuff ……I do my best to sit in meditation 15 or so minutes a day…yesterday,as I was getting ready a few memories flashed in my mind ‘s eye…memories which were not so pleasant so to speak..i was curious…they just flew in out of now where so to speak…when these show up for me, I have learnt to pay attention to these as they are messages from God, from my higher self. important messages……so here God, the universe provided me with another opportunity to look at the situations with love, to feel the emotions, and to release it once and for all in the name of love. healing myself and all those involved. if you are open to receiving more love into your life, you will need to let go of stories, of baggages , of memories that do not serve you or the higher purpose. I took a few hours yesterday afternoon to excavate this treasure and to surrender it to god so that more love may flow into my life…..what are you ready to let go of, so that more love can flow into your life? the love in me salutes the love in you diane ambassador of love    


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach