Nourishing your soul!

good morning….sorry that I didn t get a chance to post something yesterday…i got up believing I would be writing for the day as that is my objective for this week to work creating my first book.  As i was having breakfast , I kept feeling the urge to go to my art studio, which is in my basement to play today….I had a goddess project in progress that had my name all over it! i sat with this….a thousands thoughts flying around in my mind as I was wondering about my book….could I really give myself permission to just go play for the day and engage my creativity in a whole different way?  Art won the battle….it wasn’t that hard really for art feeds my soul in many deep ways. when I am in the studio, it’s easy to get lost in there and loose all track of time. It’s simply play time…remember those days when you were a child when you would simply get lost in your imaginary world and just play….simply play…this is what it feels like for me to play! while I was getting ready to create my goddess piece, I so happen to glance at my shelves where my baskets of paints and paper were stored …guess what, there was a leak…water had been leaking for a little while as some of it had dried up and left its mark on some of my papers…..thankfully no serious damage of any sorts and my wonderful husband was able to fix the leak when he got home in the evening. a minor repair! I believe the strong urge, my intuition,  to go and spend time in the studio was certainly inspired by spirit so that I would see this thing that was going on in my studio and minimize the damage! I am so grateful I listened to that whisper….followed the nudge that simply would not let me go. I chose to stay in the studio and played for the day….my goddess that I created is most amazing and I will soon share a picture with you….she was built from a plastic bodice…i painted her, and dressed her up…..she looks most amazing….I love her…I love art for the fact that it frees me from the endless chatter of my mind and I escape to play with childlike wonder. what nourishes your soul where you loose all track of time? do you give yourself permission regularly to indulge, to play and get lost in the moment while feeling incredibly alive? I would love to hear your stories…share them with me via email


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach