My year of Miracles

In early January of this year, my friend introduced me to John Newton's work- Ancestral Healing. I first went to his site to check out his work as Ancestral Healing was fairly new to me. I viewed all of his videos online. A first for me- ever! Something within me stirred and was hooked, though what that was, I honestly don't know. I though chose to trust this strong invisible pull towards his work. On his website, I saw that he was offering weekly teleseminar for the month of January.  ok, I said: let's do this. My heart was leading the way this time and not my mind. In his teleseminar, I learned more about the techniques as well as experienced peacemaking clearings. Part of the spiritual practice that we are encouraged to do every day is to say the forgiveness prayer which has been encoded with consciousness. I that night began to say the forgiveness prayer as instructed- at least 10 times a day. This helps us clear the narratives that we have created so that we may connect more clearly and deeply with consciousness. 

I have been using this prayer every single day since, the first for me as well. A new way of being is unfolding and I am excited at the possibilities. What changes have I noticed? a feeling of groundedness, more peacefulness, the saboteur has taken a long awaited hiatus! thank God for that! I have had less digestive issues and my connection with what I call Spirit is stronger. I am also very much more aware of the narratives that do not serve my greatest and highest good and breathe  and change them accordingly using John' s simple yet truly effective technique. I am deeply grateful for this amazing tool which is changing my life. I have finally found something that truly resonates with a deep inner knowing.

I though began with skepticism yet trusted the process and continue to trust the perfect unfoldment. I was so enamoured with ancestral healing, that I chose to be trained in his method and to share it with the world in my own unique way. for the last several years, I have witnessed the webs of stories that the clients tell themselves and keep them in place of suffering. This beautiful healing modality cuts right through this and invites more love and peace within their being and life.

Last week, during a quiet moment, I was inspired by God (source, infinite intelligence- whatever word you use is totally ok) , to share my journey with you over the course of the next year. Will you follow me as I share with you  My year of Miracles.  I promise to share my personal and professional journey using this beautiful, powerful, yet simple ancient healing method. I am filled with excitement and possibilities. I truly wonder how the journey will unfold! For this moment, I will remain present to the moment right here, right now.

if you are interested in receiving a copy of the forgiveness prayer, send me an email: and I will happily share it with you. Or better yet, if you desire to experience an ancestral healing session, send me an email: I'll help you rewrite your story as you fullly step into your true beautiful essence.


Until we connect again,

Peace and richest Blessings to you


Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach