My story with Intentional Creativity

Over the course of the next 9 months, I will be chronicling my journey with Intential Creativity method and the Colour of Woman program. The Colour of Woman 2017 program was  created by Shiloh Sophia and my class began it's journey on March 1st. Some of us gathered at Musea Sophia is Sonoma, California while many others joined us via live stream. In this post, I share how I came to the intentional creativity community . It was one totally guided by the Divine Feminine mystery.

In the fall of 2016, I was inspired to send a personal email to Shiloh Sophia exploring the possibility of coaching with her regarding my business. It was something that I felt strongly about. I was bold and daring. I had no idea if she would respond and if she did coaching. I went forth on a wing and a prayer. I reached out to Shiloh Sophia as I was seeking help on how to shift my business to a bigger platform.  To my surprise she promptly replied to my email and said she would be happy to do some coaching with me. We negotiated a coaching agreement that worked for both of us and went forth from there. What I discovered later from Shiloh Sophia is that she had not done private one on one coaching for years. It’s my understanding that something within her inspired her to say yes to my business request. I was over the moon excited to be working with a woman whom I love and admire. Her approach in business is quite different than mainstream and it is a truly refreshing breath of fresh air. It was one my spirit was yearning for.

Nearing the end of our first coaching call, I asked her if there was any room in the Colour of Woman (COW) program. She said yes. Are you interested? Yes. Ok, let’s book a time for the interview. That afternoon, an interview was booked for a time between the Christmas holidays and the New Year. What!!! I got off the phone and could not believe what had just transpired. It’s as if something /someone took over for a moment. Here’s the thing. I had not planned on asking her that question whatsoever. It flew out of my mouth just like that!  I was in awe and said something else must be at work here because I had no intention on applying for this program. Not this year anyways. Yes, I had looked at the initial email when it came into my inbox months ago, but I had talked myself out of it for you see, I have multiple trainings in my medicine basket. Oh why oh why would I need to add another training to my basket. The Divine feminine obviously has something else in mind.

I choose to believe with every core of my being that I was guided here by the Blessed Mama. I have had a relationship with her for many years. It’s been an on and off thing for me as I grasped with the teachings of my catholic upbringing with spiritual teachings.  What I know is that she has never left me. I though am clearly guilty of a lack of trust /faith in the divine mystery. It is strong when all is going well but when things are rocking and rolling in my life and I so needed to feel her presence, I had a hard time sensing she was with me. It has been quite a journey to get to this point where I now choose to believe that she has been there all along, it was I who gave up on the relationship due to my lack of understanding.

Over several years, I have experienced direct blessings from the Blessed Mama in various ways:  the smell of red roses filled a room in a monastery when no roses were present in the room ( a group of women had been praying to her for an hour or so in the chapel across the hall from this room); when my mother was struggling with heart issues, I prayed to the Blessed Mother and in the midst of one of my prayers she showed me a strong vision of my mom’s healthy beating heart  and telling me all would be ok. Years have passed since these moments, however, a few years ago,  In the midst of a presentation I was giving to a group of elderly women about angels and guides, many women in the room witnessed the statue of the Blessed Mother sitting on a table (my altar for the day)  light up with glow. There were no candle nor light nearby. I did not see the statue light up but I choose to believe these beautiful women who shared their story with me. It was the Blessed Mother at work. Yes, I have been so blessed to have these direct experiences with her yet on some level a part of me wanted them to happen more frequently rather than simply accept the truth that she is with me always working her magic in all that I do. The call to COW has awoken in me the desire to build a strong relationship consciously with the Divine Mother. I have been consciously cultivating this relationship on a daily basis since the beginning of COW.

The interesting thing is that I have been praying for years to be used as a voice/vessel for the Divine Feminine in the world.  I thought it was going to be in a different capacity as I had veered off path for a bit in my business. I believe I have been called to this training for reasons I do not yet know. All I know is to show up and do the work. Listen and take action when guided to.


In our closing ceremony at the Muse Gathering in Sonoma, CA, Sue Hoya Sellars came to me. I have never met the woman. I know of her because Shiloh Sophia talks about her often and acknowledges her when she speaks of the Intentional Creativity Lineage. Sue he stood right before me and welcomed me to Intentional Creativity Community. I was deeply touched that she would come to me as I somewhere along the continuum I had been questioning my belonging to a lineage that is not one driven by a bloodline. Her presence was so palpable that day in our closing ceremony. Yes, I do have the ability to see Spirit. I have had a few encounters along the way but this was a direct one with me for me. During our closing ceremony with Carmen, Sue assured me that I do belong here in this community. I have a place at the table. She also did share with me that she had a role to play in my saying yes to the invite to join COW. I can’t even begin to describe how spirit works it magic in our world, but what I do know is that it works its magic and if we are awake enough, we get to see it , play in it and with it, as well as bask in it.


Happy to be here though to be totally honest, I really have no clue where this training/experience is leading me to. For now, I am totally ok with that. A new chapter unfolding and for once, I am not trying to figure it all out. That itself feels so freeing and juicy. .And, for the first time in my life, I feel deep inner peace amidst this unknown landscape. Believe you me that this a miracle in and of itself for restlessness has been a long standing companion that has wreaked much havoc along my career and business life as an entrepreneur. That story is for another time. AT this moment, I choose to sit and bathe in the deep peacefulness that I am feeling knowing that this is the right place for me. I am also choosing to trust the flow of the unfoldment as best as I can rather than plan out my journey. A first for me.  Oh, I wonder the places I will go.


Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach