Live in the Magic! April 2013 Newsletter

Spring is a perfect time to open your hearts to receive love and blessings bestowed upon you by our ever abundant universe. I recently came back from Ojai, California. this trip changed my life in so many ways. It was filled with many magical and mystical moments, so many in fact, that I can only touch on one small one here with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to open up your hearts even more to receive the many gifts God has in store for you.  One special moment that stands out for me is a “chance” encounter with a beautiful soul sister named Randee. We crossed paths on a beautiful Friday morning…we engage in casual conversation. I could feel her warmth and the love radiating from her being.  We both agreed to connect over coffee early the following week. Roll around to Tuesday morning. I make my way to her place to pick her up so that we may indulge in a delicious cup of tea/coffee as well as conversation. We went to a popular coffee spot in Ojai and simply got lost in conversation. Conversation was easy between us, like we had known each other for years..which in some way, I believe we do. We had spiritual conversations that nourished our souls. a few hours later, which if I am honest with you felt like 5 minutes, she asks me if I want to go to the beach. I was having such a fabulous time with her, that I said sure..that sounds like fun. Where is the beach I ask? oh, dear one, it’s only 10 miles away. So in the car we go and we make our way to a neighboring city, Ventura. I am filled with such delight , joy and love, Ojai is home to the Topatopa mountains, to orange and avocado groves, and many ranches. The vegetation is so lush and the views were breathtaking! I couldn’t believe that the ocean was in such close proximity to this other delicious piece of heaven. Ah…my heart so full of gratitude for this amazing moment of creation! We made our way onto the beautiful beach and walk the shore, smelling the sea salt air, the music of the waves  playing in the background. Randee stops at one point and says to me, would it be ok if we hold hands and meditate while we chant this mantra- Om Namma Shivaya! at first concerned by what others may say, I said to myself who cares! I am loving this moment and I am going to embrace every single moment.  We stood there, face to face, holding hands and repeating this mantra for several minutes. What a beautiful moment of pure love basking in God’s play land! She then says to me, Diane, take some time to simply be by yourself in this great space. I’ll wait here. Off I go…walking along the shore and stop to do a short meditation …there right in front of me, is a beautiful heart shaped rock which I pick up put it in my pocket and said thank you to God. Once I was done with my meditation , I made my way back to Randee and gave her the heart shape rock as gesture of love and deep gratitude. When we open ourselves up fully and completely to receiving love, the gifts that come your way are incredibly delicious and so amazing. They will fill your cup up until it overflows and spills into every aspect of your being and life! will you dare to accept the invite to truly fully open your heart, wide as can be to receive the gifts the universe wishes to shower your way?

My gift to you – A  simple yet really powerful meditation: 

  Find a place to sit quietly. perhaps, you have lit a candle and have some soft music in the background. Take a few deep breaths….deep within your belly and slowly release. with each breath, feel yourself relaxing more and more. When you are ready centre your attention on your heart centre…please know there is no right or wrong way here….simply connect as best as you know how with your heart centre. Now using that beautiful imagination you’ve been blessed with, imagine your heart opening up so wide… wide , deep and long as the ocean or perhaps the evening sky…a place where it is infinite and can not see the beginning or end… may if you wish, open up your arms wide…as wide as they can go (comfortably so)…..and say to yourself quietly or out loud, whichever feels right for you at that moment in time: my heart is open wide to give and receive love!  Repeat this mantra for at least a few minutes and go as long as you wish.  It is your birthright to receive love….blessings…… practice daily for at least 21 days…. as you practice this, know that you may very well be presented with various situations where you will be asked to practice receiving. For some of you , this will not be so easy…because, for those of you who are natural nurturers and givers, it’s so natural for you to want to give….and it may be difficult in one way or another to receive. it’s your natural birthright to receive. I am a natural giver and giving gives me great pleasure. Receiving on the other hand has not always been easy…by the way you don’t get to choose how it will show up…..God will share it with you in a way that is best for your soul ‘s evolution. I have been learning to open my heart up more and more each day …and I have been utterly surprised and awed at what has come my way! Yes, I have had to stretch but it was so worth it! Just say Yes and watch your world transform! The love in me sees and honours the love in you    


A newsletter created to inspire and empower you to step into your feminine power with dazzling confidence.


Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach