Exploring – the gift that keeps on giving!

Exploring is so much fun! It’s amazing what you will discover about yourself and about others when you simply allow yourself to explore! In my private practice, I often will invite my clients to try something new- to explore! Many times, this is met with some resistance! What do you mean explore? I don’t know where to start?   I don’t have time? To which I say…..you don’t have time for you?  This is your life and you get to choose each and every step of the way how you choose to live your life. Don’t leave it up to chance! I’ve been contemplating taking a new course this fall in sexuality. that is where I feel led to explore next. It can seem pretty scary yet exciting to explore new topics, hobbies, books, workshops, courses. I’ve been slow dancing with the topic of sexuality for a little while in various ways. It’s seductive! it’s attractive, yet it scares the crap out of me in some way! why, because my wonderful inner critic is having way too much fun these days saying are you sure? is this a right fit for you? Are you really ready to learn a new language? Sexuality has it s own language you see, so I would be learning something new. The topic lures me in and is certainly the main theme in my first book coming out later this year. so here is what happend on the way to exploring….I have been exploring various options regarding the study of sexuality so that I solidify my business foundation One of the things I was looking at was a course offered in San Fransisco. I sent an email requesting some additional information and seeking clarity on a few items. Well, I get an email from the Dr who created the coaching program which is an integral part of the schooling program I was looking into. She requested that we set up a time to chat so that she may address my questions. We chatted via skype last week. What a fabulous session it was. What a beautiful being she is, Dr. Patti Britton, a sex therapist and a warrior in motion. Her passion is life is to create a sex positive movement. meaning that we have healthy thoughts regarding how we view, experience sexuality in our world. admist the sex propaganda, it’s certainly a refreshing change to know that someone cares enough to want to change the message around sexuality! I am all for it! Exploring lead me to her, to a most amazing conversation that nourished my soul. It led to clarity about my choices on how to go about reaching my goals and she has agreed to help me with them. amazing what comes to us if we open our hearts up to lovve and have a willingness to explore and go outside of our boxes! Explore, how do you begin? well, start with something that is of interest to you…if you have forgotten,I invite you to think about some of the things you may have said along the way like, when I retire, I will take this course! when I have some time, I would love to travel to this place etc. simply start with taking action steps, perhaps it’s exploring on the internet or maybe it’s talking to someone who may have the information you are seeking. then, take another action step, then another….try not to get to caught up in the outcome. enjoy every precious moment!   Canada’s Goddess Coach


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Diane Merpaw

Canada’s Goddess Coach