daily ramblings in the hands of the divine feminine

Today is Day 17 into my Intentional Creativity course with Shiloh Sophia MCCloud.  With each new day, I can feel the fire burning within me as I meet with friends to share about my journey and wondering how we may be able to collaborate to bring forth art as a healing tool in our community. I have a desire to be a a leader in my community. I dont want to just be a another dot on the map, I want to be a major destination on the map. All dreams begin with a seed, thus, I continue to plant them and nourish the seeds along the way as best as I can. I wonder where to begin? Where is the biggest need? How do I create a sustainable and economical business model where I can have loads of fun helping others while earning a great living? I do not have the answers just yet. I am choosing to sit down with the Blessed Mama and ask her for her guidance and direction as to the next step. I trust I will be shown the way. I choose to surrender to patience rather than let control get a strong hold of me. When I decide to let control lead the way, it often backfires or dwindles rather quickly. So , with new awareness, I choose to do it differently this time with the hope that the outcome is different than the other times. 

I am revelling in the glow of meeting with like minded girlfriends who truly get it. It is so much fun to share, to dream and to explore with sisters who have similar dreams to make a difference in the world through the use of arts. I love that we are solid in our own beings and yet are able to sit there and have great deep conversations about art and what it can do for our world. It is incredibly inspiring and it helps to keep my fire of inspiration burning.  interesting enough these creative sisters are coming back into my life after a break of sorts. Curious how that works isnt...a part of the unfolding mystery that I have no clue how it truly works , I simply choose to trust it's unfolding rather than trying to contol it. It was a natural break where each of us chose to meander along our own paths and do some different things with the rare occasional check in. As I choose to reconnect intentionally, I had not realized until a few days ago, how much I have missed having them in my life. it is so easy with them. Laughter is the medicine that we often tap into and it feels so darn good to laugh with girlfriends who love and accept you as you are. I feel more alive and more connected to the whole when I gather with like minded woman. We are Spirited Woman who dare to be different and believe in the incredible power of transforming our stories with art.  My heart is singing songs of joy.



Intentional creativity is something that I am exploring in new ways each and every day. To guide my journey , I was invited to write a prayer. My prayer is a way to call in the divine feminine as well as honour her. This prayer helps me to feel like I am embraced in her loving arms which is such a soothing feeling.

Dear Mother, Father God

My deepest longing is to know you by heart and to fall madly , deeply in love with you. The daily unfoldings of my life is my living prayer and love letter to you. dearest Beloved One. I choose to move forth with the utmost grace and love in my being.

Thank you for the endless flow of blessings in my life
Thank you for your continuous support and guidance
Thank you for my health and well being
Thank you for gracing me with a beautiful family and fabulous friends
Thank you for my Soul Tribe whom I get to serve, play and dance with
Thank you for accepting me as I am on any given day
Thank you for showering me with love and endless grace

Forgive me for the doubts that creep in and stop me in my tracks
Forgive me for doubting you, your love and your graces
Forgive me for giving into fear rather than trusting the power of your love
Forgive me for the times i’ve been out of integrity with myself and others
Forgive me for the judgements I have had about myself and others

Dear Mother, Father God
Help me to see with your loving compassionate eyes
Help me to listen, really listen with my heart so that I may hear what is most needed in the moment
Help me to love freely with your beautiful expansive and compassionate heart
Help me to fully step into and embrace my wild,fabulous, sensual, sexual self with ease and grace….I love the feeling of aliveness and the freedom to Be Me feels so incredibly juicy and liberating
Burst my heart wide open so that I may receive and give love with ease and grace. May your love be infused in all that I say, do and create
Fill me with your strength and courage as I continue to walk my spiritual path
Show me the magic in the ordinary
Show me where my love is most needed in this world
Use me, all of me, as you see fit for the greatest good of all
Use me as an instrument of your love so that I may help raise the vibration of love on earth
Use my voice to build a bridge between the worlds and to proclaim and share the gifts of the Divine feminine

May love, joy, bliss and ecstasy tickle my being

In service to Love and So it is,

sending you oodles of hugs

your loving daughter

Diane Merpaw

Sacred Intuitive Artist &

Spiritual Coach